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We understand how essential it is to obtain the right financing to bring your projects to fruition. Whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur or a passionate innovator, our goal is to help you find the financing solution that perfectly meets your expectations. The real Fast business funding

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Funding Request Submission

To get started, please submit your project using the submission form, providing the correct and real information requested.

Project analysis

Our experts analyze each project individually in order to be able to extract those that have real potential. 


Funding agreement

Successful projects are funded from 20% to 98% of the required amount, depending on our personal parameters.

Our Philosophy

Let project leaders work without interfering in the management of their businesses. Give them time to see real results and infuse a philanthropic character into the financing of projects. Calypso does not necessarily seek returns, but a real impact on people’s lives.

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320 000 €

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With our extensive network of partners and in-depth expertise in the field, we’re committed to guiding you through the process and providing you with the financial resources you need to realize your vision. Don’t let financial constraints hold you back. Come and discover how Calypso Funding can help you reach new heights and realize your ambitions.

Solid assets at your service

Our team of passionate, innovative experts puts its cutting-edge know-how and boundless creativity to work for you to create tailor-made financing solutions.

In-depth expertise

The Calypso Funding team has in-depth expertise in project financing. Their seasoned professionals understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and innovators when it comes to finding financial resources. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the market, they are able to provide sound advice and tailor-made solutions to meet customer expectations. Whether developing a solid financing plan or navigating the complex requirements of different financing options, Calypso Funding is there to guide its customers to success.

Extensive network of financial partners

Calypso Funding has an extensive network of financial partners, enabling us to offer a wide range of financing options. Whether you’re looking for a traditional loan, venture capitalists or participatory financing platforms, Calypso Funding can put you in touch with the right resources. Thanks to these strong partnerships, the company is able to offer financing solutions tailored to your specific needs. The strength of a group, the proximity of a dedicated partner who listens to your needs

Personalized support

At Calypso Funding, every customer is treated as an individual and receives personalized support throughout the financing process. The team is committed to understanding each customer’s specific goals and aspirations, so we can offer them the best financing solutions to match their expectations. Whether you need assistance in preparing your application, negotiating financing terms or obtaining strategic advice, Calypso Funding will be at your side, providing attentive, tailor-made support to help you achieve your financial goals.

“Thanks to the Calypso Funding platform, I was able to get in touch with business angels based in Geneva. Efficient and very professional, it was able to support me in my search for seed funding for my project. I highly recommend it.”

James Andersen

Leadership Group

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